Encase design studio brings you hygiene products which are much needed during the times of COVID-19. such as face masks, sanitizer spray, hand sanitizers online at reasonable prices. Slow the spread of COVID19. Stay homestay safe with our personal care products which are all made in India.

Taking care of personal hygiene is as important as taking care of our day to day activities. A little negligence in hygiene management can cause our body grievous harm, and it may also act as an instrument for the spread of infection to others.

With Encase design studio bringing you the best personal care products at reasonable prices which are of high quality and certified by respective government agencies, Finding best female hygiene and personal care products in India is no more difficult as it’s available easily at our store online. Scroll down to find the best- selling female hygiene products available in our store.

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Bought a thermometer and 5 litre sanitiser pack. Good quality product and very very reasonable price.. recommended 


Well Prices Products and timely delivery.

New Delhi

Thanks for providing special discounts to our Doctor Group..thank you

Dr PC singh

very very good pricing, phenomenal customer service and understanding..kudos to encase store.

Saurabh Mullick
Noida, UP

About Us

Abhishek Singh


Much like charity begins at home, sanitation and hygiene starts with us.

Personal hygiene is how we care for our body.

In the wake of COVID19 we might come into contact with people outside. Germs and viruses can linger on our body, and may make us sick.Personal hygiene practices can help ourselves and people around us by preventing illnesses.

We at encase design studio have pledged to make lives of people easier during these tough times of COVID19. Owing to it we have decided to provide covid19 hygiene products

such as sanitizer, masks, sanitizer spray, female hygiene products,personal care products at the most reasonable price.

Backing the 'vocal for local' campaign, all our products are locally made in India which are of high quality and certified by respective government  agencies.

Listing feminine hygiene products that have been on our customer’s favourite wish list:

· Sanitary and Diapers Disposal Bag by Sirona

· Premium Applicator Tampons by Sirona Normal Flow

· Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patches

· Premium Applicator Tampons by Sirona Normal Flow

Also, we contribute 25% of our profits to support those who are in greater need of help during this COVID19 pandemic.

Stop The Spread Of COVID19. Stay Home and stay safe with our COVID19 essentials.

Shop with us and let us make your shopping experience a pleasant one!